Friday, February 22, 2013

Dating to 1760's the first true jigsaw puzzles appeared.John Spilsbury,a London engraver and map maker pasted maps on to wood and then cut them into small pieces.Teachers of the time taught geography to their students, by having them put the pieces, together again. Still in use today,it's a valuable tool to help students learn more of the world, that they live in. There are so very many sites about jigsaw puzzles!
Shocking how many...really!!!!!

Have you ever put a jigsaw puzzle together on the desk top of your computer? It can be very relaxing!  I enjoy it ever so much.....from time to time. As I have mentioned before, jigsaw web sites are abundant. I will post a link to a favorite one.... in hopes you will find a few to download and enjoy, too. I especially like, the.... GHOST BUTTON!
It is like looking at the box top as a guide when you put a regular jigsaw puzzle together....only better. The ghost like image rests behind the puzzle as you put it together, and can be turned on and off as desired. There is also a photo of the puzzle, if you need it. I will also leave a few links to help you find a puzzle if you would rather buy one and put it together in the old fashioned.........traditional way. The Story of Ravensburger Puzzles.... Over the last 125 years show the blue triangle has become a respected trademark for a creative and innovative range of puzzles, games and arts and crafts. Their products are the result of their vast experience, long tradition, expertise and knowledge. They continue to be the world leader in cutting-edge craftsmanship..... Using only premium grade materials for all products, and then thoroughly testing them in certified laboratories, to exceed U.S. safety requirements. As a company with a passion for family values, their first responsibility is to engage, educate, inspire and delight children and families of all ages and abilities! I have a passion for the......3 D Buidings especially after they have been clear coated and preserved.